Event: Yoga & Breakfast with boxgreen

boxgreen love snacks and everything good for your body, so one day we figured why not put together an event that combines a blissful yoga session with a nutritious spread of wholesome breakfast.

It was our first time ever organising an event of our own, so naturally we were all extremely excited! We also had so much fun planning the event, from deciding what type of yoga class to go for to choosing the snacks for our breakfast bar.

In line with Boxgreen’s mission to snack good and do good, we have decided for all profits to be donated to the needy at Willing hearts.


Ticket sale

When we finally put the tickets to sale (each ticket was sold at $20), they were sold out within 24 hours! *insert screams here*

Due to the very overwhelming response, we decided to open up another session. To our delight, the tickets for our 2nd session was again sold out within a day! That was so so crazy, and we were very happy squirrels that day. 🙂

event sold out


Setting up

To ensure everything will go smoothly on the event day itself, the squirrels started setting up the day before. Special thanks to the lovely people for lending us their space a day in advance!

setting up

setting up

When we left the venue, the sky was already dark. That night we went home feeling hopeful and nervous. Would people really come? Would they like our breakfast bar? Would everyone have a good time?

Event day

The morning started off with a 60-minute yoga session with yoga instructor Sue from Strala Yoga. Our hearts felt so full when we see the yoga mats slowly fill up with people!

boxgreen event

Instructor Sue was amazing, and her class were so inspiring.

yoga class

After a good workout, a breakfast bar with delicious spread of boxgreen’s nutritious granola and snacks, fruits, yogurt and milk was waiting for everyone.

breakfast bar


happy faces after food

Happy faces after food! 🙂

happy faces

but first, selfie

yoga pose


To sum it all up, we really did have the best morning ever with all of you. <3

Thank you everyone for coming down and making our dream come true. Knowing that everyone enjoyed themselves during the event was the best reward we could ever ask for. Now we simply can’t wait for our next and better event. Till next time! ^^


For more photos at the event, click here.


This event wouldn’t have been possible without our generous partners and sponsors: GuavaPass, Strala Singapore, FUNFIT, Selva Foods, Daily Juice, a.muse projects, A Better Florist, J3 Cold Pressed Juice, SHAPE, Joe & Dough

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