Wholemeal bread vs multigrain bread, which is better?


‘Wholemeal bread, is better than white bread!’ we’ve heard so many people saying this, or maybe we’ve nagged at our family or friends about this. But what about the ‘healthiest’ bread among the healthy breads? – like wholemeal bread and multigrain bread. Sounds healthy huh? Think again.


Make a guess, is this wholegrain or multigrain bread?


Picture credits: http://www.playingwithflour.com/2014/01/i-love-multigrain-bread.html
What bread is this?
Wholemeal bread
Multigrain bread
It’s just bread, can I have some snacks now?


And the answer is…


Okay I’m just kidding, that picture you saw is multigrain bread! But here’s the million dollar answer:


Wholemeal bread is usually better.

Picture credits: http://www.thelittleloaf.com/2012/10/18/simplewholemealloaf/

Look at the two pictures closely. If you noticed, there are little grains and seeds in the first picture, but not this – and guess what, that’s not the most important ingredient. The main ingredient used to make bread is flour, and the type of flour used makes a big difference!


What’s the difference? 


Picture credits:http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2014/04/15/301473319/wheres-the-whole-grain-in-most-of-our-wheat-bread

Wholemeal bread is made with either 100% wholemeal flour or a mixture of wholemeal flour and white flour. ‘Multigrain’ just means that there’s more than one type of grain in bread, but the type of flour used isn’t necessarily wholemeal flour, unless stated on the packaging.

Wholemeal flour is packed with lots of good B vitamins, which helps maintain healthy functioning of the digestive system. It’s also higher in fibre and vitamins than white flour.


What should I buy?


Look at the % of wholemeal flour in the ingredient label. Some wholemeal breads are a mix of wholemeal and white flour, some multigrain bread contain a good percentage of wholemeal flour. I know, the wholemeal texture isn’t for everyone, so if you can, try to choose a brand that is made with at least 20 – 50% wholemeal flour.


Otherwise, these are the ones I swear by!



Will you be the bread to my butter?


Bread isn’t complete without a spread. But what spread this time, Kaya or peanut butter, which is better?

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