It’s the simplest habits that keeps you healthy

Healthy is a lifestyle. Although very hard to believe, being healthy is not so much about having the six-pack, or eating paleo — it really is more of a conscious mindset to treat your body right.

Sure, counting every calorie and hitting the gym everyday is great, but also very difficult to maintain. Even if you have enough determination and motivation to do so, it can risk getting a little “unhealthy” to be too obsessive with being “healthy”. Ironic, but #truestory.

Maybe being healthy doesn’t have to be so difficult. Maybe we can start with taking baby steps, and creating healthy habits that fit easily into our days.

It’s the little things that matters, right?


Take the public transport

sbs bus

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This will give you a few extra steps in your day and help you escape the parking lot wars. Seriously, the stress of traffic jams and circling the parking lots for the 100th time is never worth the frustration (and $$) it causes. At least during the peak hours, go for the public transport for your sanity’s sake, and at the same time help reduce traffic and city pollution. ✌?


Choose the stairs… (it’s never crowded)

mrt station

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Walking and taking the stairs can actually be very tir– I mean therapeutic! At least, that’s what my friends said… Personally, taking the stairs is definitely a little dreadful, but it makes me feel pretty damn good about myself after. #worthit


Take regular pantry and washroom breaks

office pantry

You might think I’m crazy, but I never remember to leave my work desk for any breaks. If you’re anything like me, try this: set an hourly reminder on your phone to make sure to get your ass off your chair for at least 5 minutes several times a day. When your alarm goes off, take a moment to think about what your body needs – water, a stretch, fresh air? Not only does taking regular breaks help with productivity, it keeps you in tune with your body.


Or just stand

standing desk

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Did you know that extra workouts do NOT offset the negative effects of prolonged sedentary time on the body? *flashback to the times I literally laid in bed for 3 days*

I think… it’s time to invest in a standing desk! Research has found that standing at your work desk improves productivity and mood.


Practice proper posture


proper posture

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If you feel backaches from standing or sitting for long hours, check your posture again.

It could also be your office chair – both your feet should be touching the ground at 90 degrees; or the height of your computer screen – it should be slightly lower than eye level to avoid stress on the neck.


Mindful eating


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I’m not saying that we have to eat salad for all 3 meals. I can’t do that either. But next time you’re at the mixed rice stall, choose 2 vegs over 2 meats. The next time you reach for potato chips, go for some boxgreen snacks instead. Basically, be more conscious about what you put in your mouth. If you can’t fight the food temptations outside, here’s a tip: pack your own meals. We have super easy and fast recipes for you, or you may check out our previous blog post on excellent snack choices when you’re on the go.


Workouts at home

home workout

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We don’t always have time or money for a gym membership. But, we definitely have time for some simple workouts at home. Just search “workout” on Youtube, and there’s literally 21,600,000 results showing. For sure you can find a good tutorial to follow.

The difficult part, however, is staying motivated and committed since you’re working out alone. Hence, call up a friend to join you in this mission so you guys can motivate each other!


All the small things we do each day can make us a healthier or more unhealthy person. Let’s take the baby steps together and live more consciously! Always remember,


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