Running vs eating healthy, which is more important?

Raise your hand if you hate running. Raise the other hand if you only love to eat and binge watch Netflix. If both your hands are up, your spirit animal is probably a bear or pig ūüėõ


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But really, we can’t always have the best of both worlds, so if you really had to choose, which is better?


The verdict…


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Food and diet is more important! But¬†I really¬†hate the word ‘diet’. I’ll call it eating what you love, but with a twist. Have healthier versions of¬†your favourite food; say you love fries, air fry them or bake it instead of deep frying. Or if chocolate is your best friend, have portion controlled sizes of a chocolate snack like a rocky pecan brittle!

It’s really¬†important to eat a well balanced diet, and have half the amount of rice but increase your vegetable and lean meat portions. Healthy isn’t hard – these are all HEALTHY! Look at how pretty they are <3


Should I still run?


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Hate running?¬†Then no. Running isn’t for everyone, and¬†you’re not going to do it¬†for long if you hate it. Get active and find something enjoyable, like a dance class, go¬†for a macritchie walk with friends,¬†or do¬†squats in front of an episode of The Walking Dead.

But if you’re up for it, it’s good to exercise 3 – 5 times a week with a mixture of cardio and strength training!


What’s the best?


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Both, duh! The benefits you get from one can’t be obtained from the other, and vice versa. Exercise helps¬†to increase your muscle mass and retain it as you age. The best benefit – being able to walk long distances and feel less tired while you’re on holiday! Muscle mass also increases your metabolism, so you’ll get to eat a little more! YAY!


It’s all about balance¬†


It’s impossible to be healthy all the time.¬†A slice of pizza or liu sha bao every now and then is perfectly fine! There are also some tricks you could try¬†so that you won’t go overboard. Try this!

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