recipe: Santa Hat Cake

Our Xmas fruit cake got a cute lil makeover!


Prep time: 5 minutes


Plain yogurt
1x Xmas fruit cake


1. Cut strawberries into ¾ sizes and set aside
2. Pipe yogurt on the centre of the fruit cake
3. Place ¾ strawberry on top of the yogurt and add a small squeeze on top of the ‘hat’


Other ways you can enjoy it
It’s almost Christmas, which means we don’t have to be 100% healthy 😉 have it with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream! Om nomz


Leah’s healthy tips
Use yogurt instead of buttercream as it shaves off calories, and it’s good for your gut!


Did you know?
A pineapple fruitcake was brought along Apollo 11, the first spaceship to land on the moon. Neil Armstrong did not eat it, so it’s now displayed in the Air and Space Museum.



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