Popular breakfast foods that has more sugar than coke

Before you bite into that daily breakfast muffin, or dig into your breakfast cereal, STOP and look behind! By behind I mean the nutrition label. It’s good to give it a quick glance if that’s what you’re going to be eating every morning because it would pile up over the years!


How much sugar does coke have?

coke sugar

A glass of coke (200ml) has 21g of sugar, which equals to about 5 cubes of sugar. That’s the same amount of sugar as 3 oreo cookies and 8 medium tomatoes! So let’s use a glass of coke as a comparison to popular breakfast foods.


Yoplait vanilla yogurt


Picture credits: http://www.yoplait.co.nz/Products.aspx

A serving bowl of this contains 24g of sugar (6 cubes of sugar), and there’s a high chance you’ll top it up with granola or cereals, which could total to a whopping 50g of sugar! That’s about 2 and a half glasses of coke!


Starbucks blueberry muffin

starbucks muffin

Picture credits: http://coffeeclub.blog/store-bought-baked-sweets/starbucks-blueberry-muffin-and-coffee/

1 muffin equals to 1.5 cans of coke :O and on top of your regular starbucks drink, that’s going to cost you lots of sugar, and money in the long run. Instead, try this superfood breakfast you can make in just 5 minutes. It’s lesser in calories than this breakfast combination, and it’ll keep you filled up till lunchtime!


Raisin Bran

raisin bran

Picture credits: https://redmart.com/product/kelloggs-raisin-bran-cereal, http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Raisin-Bran-Bowl-Spoon-Cereal-Food-Breakfast-Milk-635741

Of many breakfast cereals, the Raisin Bran isn’t the most ideal – it contains about twice the amount of sugar than Koko crunch. If you love love breakfast cereals, how about switching to toasted muesli or these healthy breakfasts?


Teh Tarik

teh tarik

Picture credits: https://quieteating.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/singapore-eating/dsc_9615/

A standard Kopitiam Teh Tarik contains slightly more sugar than a glass of coke, but the good news is, you can always ask for less sugar or condensed milk!

Pork floss bun

pork floss bun

Picture credits: http://khuyenmaivang.vn/am-thuc/the-vip-giam-25-tai-he-thong-kinh-do-bakery-ap-dung-ca-ngay-le-427797.html

I know they taste amazing, but one bun equals to a bowl of wanton mee! It’s not a really wise choice to have everyday because it’s coated with a layer of butter, sugar, and y’know, all those high sugar and fat stuff.


It’s not all about the sugar, sugar, sugar


Picture credits: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-and-take-everything-in-moderation/

If you compared coke and a bowl of yogurt, the yogurt would of course still be a better choice as it also contains protein and probiotics that’s good for gut health. But ultimately, it’s the hidden sugar counts that also adds up. Don’t be fooled by labels that say ‘naturally sweet’ because sugar is still sugar and having too much fruit juice can also be bad for you.


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