Office hacks: this mug brews coffee all by itself, no hot water needed!

In life, there are those people who wake up feeling like a million dollars, and can immediately go about doing their tasks like the Energizer bunny.

And then there are those who need a cup of coffee just to get dressed.

I belong firmly in the second camp. In fact, just getting the AeroPress coffee maker out—the industry standard for lazy coffee brewers—is a huge chore in itself, especially when it’s early in the morning.

(I still do it daily, though—love my AeroPress)

So imagine my delight when I came across the MoJoe Personal Mobile Brewer, which makes coffee all by itself.

office hacks self-brewing coffee mug mojoe

That’s the dream, folks.

Here’s how it works. All you need to do is
1) pour water of any temperature (even cold water) into the mug, and
2) add in coffee grounds. Oh, and press the on button.

office hacks self-brewing coffee mug mojoe

And that’s it. MoJoe’s “VacDrip” brewing system takes care of all the rest, heating up the water inside and sending it through the coffee grounds. You can use it for tea, too.

This video gives a deeper look into the technology behind it, but suffice to say that it’s pretty awesome:

The brainchild of co-founder Joseph Hyman, the idea for this self-brewing coffee mug was conceived back when he was still a student at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

It was an instant hit on Kickstarter, smashing the initial goal of raising $20,000 by more than 4 times. Hyman and his co-founders had $85,860 to make this dream come true by the end of the campaign.

These are such a lifesaver every morning, after lunch, and well, whenever you need that coffee kick!

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