The best food index for everything from acne, flu, and our UGH weather

Period cramps, bad skin, or having the flu? *Gulps* Story of my life right now, and it really feels terrible! Thank god food fixes that. But not just any food. Pick these ones!

Best food for healthy skin and acne: Almonds


Don’t avoid nuts because of the fats! Researchers have found that the good fats in nuts help to reduce swelling and inflammation, which helps to treat acne and reduce wrinkles.

Other skin foods: salmon, avocado, broccoli, Boxgreen’s rejuvenation topper

Cut back on: Sugary treats (cakes, cookies), cow’s milk

Best food for fighting flu: Red capsicum

bell pepper

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I always thought oranges and lemons are the highest in vitamin C but OMG, a red capsicum has twice the amount of vitamin C as an orange! Why hasn’t anyone come up with capsicum effervescence tablets? Hmm, it might be fun eating it.

Other flu foods: Guava, kiwi, warm tea, honey-lemon water(works for me!)

Avoid: Burgers, fries, bad stuff (Duh!)

Best food for cough: Garlic 


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Garlic’s a powerful, immune system booster, and acts like an antibiotic, but all natural of course! EEERK, not going to head for a date after this. Oh wait, I probably shouldn’t even be heading out much with a bad cough!

Other cough foods: Tumeric, lemon water with honey

Avoid: Bad junk foods (Duh again!)

Best food for the damn Singapore weather: Watermelon


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Looks familiar? You’ve probably seen it everywhere during the Geylang Serai bazaar! Probably the cheapest fruit that cools us down in the terrible heat. When I had my first sip, mmm, shiok! Watermelons are high in water content, which help to keep us hydrated.

Cooling foods: Peach, cucumber, mint tea

Cut back on: Ice-cream (seriously – you’ll feel hotter after eating it)

Best food for whiter teeth: Strawberries and cheese

strawberry cheese

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Who knew strawberry cheesecake could be good for our teeth?! Okay maybe without the cake… Strawberries contain an enzyme known as malic acid, a natural teeth whitener and chewing cheese helps fight cavities by increasing the concentration of calcium in plaque.

Other teeth foods: Cauliflower, celery

Cut back on: coffee, cigarettes, and gummies

Best food for sad days: Salmon


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Oven baked salmon, grilled salmon, sashimi… my mouth is watering already. I think looking at a picture of perfectly cooked salmon is enough to make me happy. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to help several mood disorders.

Other sad food relievers: Walnuts, dark chocolate, green tea

Avoid: Bad junk and chips

Best food for your brain: Blueberries

A US research team found that blueberries helped to improve memory of older adults. Its antioxidant, anthocyanidin, helps to boost learning and memory. Stock up on these blue little Smurfs!

Other brain foods: Here’s a list of Brain foods

Cut back on: Sugary, high trans fat foods like cookies and cakes

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