Here’s how the most sinful foods around the world look like

Traveling is great, but the best part of all is, of course, food. There are so many foods that are worth trekking the globe for, even if they aren’t the… healthiest. But let’s be real: we don’t travel to lose weight anyway.

Ready to look at food so good, that it’s borderline sick? Grab a spoon, and let’s dig in!





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Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) + 1 sausage + 2 pork ribs = ~1000 calories

This iconic German platter is everywhere in Germany… and Brotzeit. If you’re conscious, try a little of everything like two slices of sausages and pork knuckles instead!


South Africa


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Triple decker meat pizza: 1 pizza = 2763 calories

I’ve never seen a triple decked pizza in my life. That’s also triple the amount of calories than regular pizza! A popular pizza chain in South Africa known as Debonairs’s entire pizza contains 109g of fat! That’s equivalent to 33 chicken nuggets and 54.5 pieces of lean chicken breast!




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Calzone: 1 large puff = 1836 calories

It’s a humongous ang moh curry puff! But instead of potatoes and curry, it’s typically stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, tomato.




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Jalebi: 1 piece = 150 calories

No, they’re not muruku but Jalebi. Each piece is a flour batter deep fried in oil and soaked with sugar syrup.




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Bowl of ramen with gyoza: 1000 calories

Walk into any Ramen shop in Japan and you will definitely not be disappointed. This is probably the least sinful among the rest, which explains why lots of Japanese people are thin? 😛




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Deep fried mars bar: 1200 calories

Yes, 1200 calories for that one bar (5 times more than a normal mars bar). This snack was first created in Scotland and has travelled across the entire UK, and the World.




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Leche Frita: 1 serving (2 pieces) = 452 calories

Churros isn’t the only sweet treat spain is famous for. These are made with flour, eggs, and sugar combined to form a custard and deep fried. It’s then sprinkled with a layer of sugar or cinnamon.


South Korea

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Chocolate bingsu: 1 bowl = over 1000 calories

It probably became the King of Singapore’s dessert scene for awhile, and if you think it’s just ice and a little chocolate – it’s NOT. If you had to choose one of the two evils, you’re better off having a bowl of ice kacang (500 calories)




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Chicharron (deep fried pork skin): 30g (about 3 – 4 skins) = 150 calories

Phillipinos love to pair deep fried pork skin with vinegar. The thought of putting one of this oily block of fat really scares me.




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Steak fajita nachos: 1080 calories

Tortilla chips, cheese and steak. Let’s say no more.




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Wayback’s triple triple burger: 1780 calories


That is 9 layers of beef! How are you even supposed to bite into this? *baffled*

I must say, this is a little surprising, even for America.





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Chendol: 1 bowl = 593 calories

This dessert is swimming in sugar! If you have it, it’s best to share with friends as the amount of calories of this probably equals to your lunch!




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Char kway teow: 1 plate = 744 calories

Of course, our guilty pleasure: Char kway teow. Reserve this for a cheat day as it’s pretty high in fat and cholesterol.


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