Healthy or not, cheese tart?


In this special weekly series by Boxgreen, we bring you our ratings (nutritionist approved) of a couple of local Singaporean yums.


Here is this week’s #BGSOTW (BoxGreen’s Snack of the Week)…


Cheese tart!

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I know it’s not really healthy, but how unhealthy…? 

Now that there’s (almost) no queue for these tarts, can I have more than one?

Well… it’s not veeeery good idea because it’s made with lots of sugar, butter, flour, and cheese, so there’s hardly any good stuff like protein, vitamins, minerals, or fibre in one of these. Half the amount of calories in a tart are from fat! It’s best reserved for a cheat day.

Calories in one tart: 181 calories


Healthier alternatives:

Bake some milo dino granola cups and fill it up with nuts and yogurt

…or if you’re feeling adventurous, perhaps some laksa nuts?


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Healthy or not, chendol?

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