“Healthy foods” that are secretly junk

You think you’re having the healthiest of foods when you buy that food with the label ‘xxxx free’ but NO….. They may be a big fat lie! These are a few foods that are probably already cheating your feelings.


1. I’m ‘sugar free’!

sugar free cookie

Picture credits: http://www.gullon.es/en/ChocDigestiveSF

Here’s the thing: there’s absolutely NO such thing on earth as a ‘sugar free’ cookie. Firstly, sugar is carbs and there are definitely carbohydrates in cookies as they are made of flour. Also, when something is sugar free, the fat content of it is usually higher than an average cookie to make up for it’s lack of taste, which will most likely equate to the same amount or even more calories.


2. Coke Zero


Picture credits: http://www.eatthis.com/diet-sodas-ranked

A sweet calorie free alternative that seems too good to be true? That’s because it’s mixed in with artificial sweeteners that does zero for your health. When you have fake (artificial) sugar, it increases your sugar cravings and may make you binge on sweet stuffs when you give in to your cravings. In other words, you’re better off eating an entire slice of cake to curb your sugar cravings. 🙂


3. Some ‘fat free/low fat’ foods

fat free ice cream

Picture credits: Walmart

Sugar free and fat free are like twins… That means, more sugar for fat free foods! Yay….. Most ice creams and yogurt that are fat free are often high in sugar (though not all of them!) The best way to know is to read the nutrition label and compare it with your favourite brands. For example, Marigold’s low fat flavoured yogurt are pretty high in sugar while the sugar content of their non fat yogurt is pretty low.


4. Fruit juices


I wouldn’t completely agree that it’s a junk food because how could we possibly compare fruit juice to fries right? But compared to fruits and other healthy foods, it’s kinda junk. A reason for this is that lots of fruits are need to produce one bottle of juice, and that equates to A LOT of sugar. It’s as much as drinking a can of sweet drink because you’re basically drinking the fruit’s sugar without any of the fibre.


5. Multi grain breads


Picture credits: http://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/food-wine/learn-how-to-bake-a-nutritious-multigrain-bread-loaf-foodie-2830946/

The next time you’re at the bread section, look out for the words multi-grain without the word wholegrain. The word ‘Multigrain’ only means that it’s topped up with a couple of grains and seeds, but it could be made either with wholemeal flour or refined flour. Whereas ‘wholemeal’ means that it is made with the goodness of wholemeal flour, which is a better choice as it is higher in fibre and B vitamins.

Look for those breads that contain 55% wholemeal or better yet, 100% wholemeal bread! Here’s where you could get the best breads in NTUC.


I know that are lots of little loopholes and tricks out there in the market to trick us into thinking a ‘health’ food is really healthy but when really it’s not as good as it sounds…




When in doubt, just check the nutrition label for what you eat. Or just don’t worry about any of these, and instead, enjoy all your favourite foods in moderation! 🙂


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