The healthiest food to order at fast food places

Whether you swear by your filet-o-fish or you’re not a fan of fast food, it’s good to know that you have healthier options to choose from at Macs and Burger King! (P.S. But that doesn’t mean it’s super healthy so don’t have it all the time!)



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Picture credits: McDonald’s SG

Did you know this nutrition calculator exists at McDonald’s? (and it’s next to a pack of fries…!) We can always count on Macs to launch creative burgers like their prosperity burger, seaweed shaker fries, and in recent years, a couple of healthier options like salads.


Healthier options


Picture credits: McDonald’s SG

The healthiest you could get is the skinless grilled chicken salad (161 kcal), but really who orders a salad at Macdonald’s?! Your next best option is the wholegrain skinless grilled chicken McWrap (405kcal).


Burger King

burger king

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Remember when meals at BK used to be $5 and less? Those were the days.


Healthier options

BK food

Picture credits: Burger King 

YESSS they do have a salad too! The garden grilled chicken salad without the dressing and croutons is 320kcal. But if you MUST have a burger, the Tendergrill chicken sandwich without mayo is 320 calories.




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Although they’re known as Kentucky’s Fried Chicken, thank goodness they offer other options than boring ole FRIED CHICKEN! They’re pretty creative with their menu and provide an interesting local menu like the spicy sambal rice bucket (it’s a crazy 978kcal though).


Healthier option

porridge KFC

Picture credits: KFC Singapore

No hawker nearby? You could settle for a KFC porridge for breakfast! A bowl of it is 221 kcal but watch out for the sodium because one portion of it is a whooping 788mg of sodium. That’s nearly half our daily recommended value!


Mos Burger


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Don’t they have the cutest illustration?! I’m always inclined to choose Mos Burger among the rest because of their unique rice burgers. It’s like having a giant sushi!!! This over Maki San anytime 😀


Healthier options

most burger

Picture credits: Mos Burger

Wow a veggie ‘burger’!!!! It’s no surprise that the Natsumi beef is only 181kcal, and probably a lot lesser if you don’t add the mayo in it. I’m also pretty amazed Mos’s Yakiniku rice burger is only at 278kcal!




Picture credits: Popeye’s

I was hard pressed to find a healthier option at Popeye’s because… fried chicken. After scanning through the menu, all that’s available were fried chicken, fried fish, fried squid, fried almost everything.


Healthier option


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Yes that’s a portion of mashed potatoes because there was nothing but fried chicken. The Cajun fish came in reaaaal close at 130kcal for 1 piece but still… it was deep fried so their mashed potatoes are your best bet.


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