Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt, which is better?

Ask any fitness trainer or scroll through some weight loss article and you’ll probably find greek yogurt splattered all over the diet plan. What on earth is this magical greek yogurt?! Did it originate from Greece?


What’s the difference?


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If you asked for a bowl of greek yogurt in Greece, you’ll probably get a huge question mark on the local’s faces. Yogurt is commonly served greek styled in Greece, which means the yogurt is strained excessively. This would give you a thicker texture than regular yogurt.


Which is better?


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Sources online pointed out that greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt, however, after doing a search of a couple of yogurts we often see on the shelves, like these:



The protein content of greek yogurt is comparatively similar to regular yogurt. More often than not, ‘greek’ yogurt refers to the style of the yogurt (a thicker consistency) rather than of a higher protein content. When I compared Farmer’s Union yogurt and Marigold’s non fat yogurt, there’s almost no difference!


Does this mean that it doesn’t matter what yogurt I get?


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There are 3 important nutrients to take note of when getting yogurt (if you really want the most nutritious one). That’s PROTEIN, SUGAR, and FAT. Sometimes, the low fat option isn’t a good idea because more sugar compensates the fat. Here’s some benchmark you can use to gauge:

Protein: More than 5g per 100g
Fat: Less than 1g per 100g
Carbohydrate: Less than 7g per 100g


Which should I get?

Plain yogurt is always the better choice as anything else is always high in sugar. Also, if you’re not bothered by the consistency of your yogurt, you’re better off getting the non fat marigold yogurt as it is 3x lower in calories compared to Farmer’s Union’s greek yogurt. But if you were to go to a specialty supermarket, this brand is pretty awesome. I’d say it’s the best as it has twice the amount of protein than most of the other yogurt on shelves, low in sugar, and it’s low in calories too!



What can you do with greek yogurt?

Oh and, yogurt is one POWERFUL ingredient. It has been used extensively by the people of the internet to make a variety of baking creations.



How about yogurt with Cheng Tng (no ice) and goji berries and cream granola?



Or this impressive wine braised fennel with yogurt thyme sauce


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