Food trends: fruit infused water

Staying hydrated throughout the day is extremely important, but it can also be quite a chore. I have tried number of different ways to encourage myself to drink more water — ranging from using phone apps to buying pretty water bottles, and the one way that works best for me is to make water more interesting and appealing to drink!

Thanks to Pinterest, fruit infused water has become an internet sensation! By infusing fruits into your daily drink, it adds flavour and nutrition to the water. Plain water has never looked or tasted so pretty and doing it seriously takes no time at all.

Have some fancy looking glass bottles lying around the house? Let’s finally put it to good use!

Here are a few of my personal favourites:


1. Motivation morning mix

raspberry and lime

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Ingredients: Raspberry + Lime

If your alarm can’t get you out of bed, this might. Refreshing with a lovely sweet taste, i’d dare say this is better than lime juice as there’s no added sugar and any of that nasty stuff, and it is much higher in antioxidants!



2. A hint of cinnamon


pear cinnamon ginger

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Ingredients: 1 sliced pear + 6 cinnamon sticks + freshly grated ginger

Finally, another use for cinnamon sticks other than keeping sugar free from ants. This combination is THE BEST. No wait, it’s even BETTER when paired with some rosemary pistachios 😛


3. Perfectly bearylicious

berries infused water


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Ingredients: Cucumber + Raspberry + Blueberry + Blackberry

If you are a fan of the berries, then this mix is a winner. Crowned as the queen of antioxidants, berries help us fight against everyday cell damage and help to lower our blood pressure.


4. Rosemary grapefruit sparkle

rosemary grapefruit


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Ingredients: Grapefruit + A sprig of rosemary

Never tried herbs with fruit? You SHOULD. It is slightly more on the bitter side but still very delicious. The use of rosemary gives it pleasant fragranced taste, while the grapefruit will add a hint of sweetness. In addition, grapefruits are very rich in vitamin C and can help to lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.


5. The vitamin boost

orange lemon lime

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Ingredients:  Orange, Lemon & Lime

This is probably the most popular fruity concoctions right now. Why? Simple, delicious and loaded with lots of vitamins, that’s why!


infused water bottle


Looking to make your own fruit infused water? There are plenty of good recipes online, but there really is no hard and fast rule! Tweak the recipes you find online to your own personal taste and nutrition needs. You also do not need a fancy mason jar to make infused water — simply make them in your water bottle and enjoy them on the go!

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