Food that people with braces can’t eat

Whether you had put on braces in the past, or if you’re thinking of putting it on, you must have already known that there are certain foods you have to stay away from. Eating carelessly may cause damage to your braces, which could prolong your treatment. Not to mention, it can be pretty painful, and even more painful to clean.


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But come on, small sacrifices have to be made to achieve that pretty smile!

To make your braces journey a more pleasant one, we have come up with a list of food that you may want to avoid. And for those who had braces before, here’s a trip down memory lane for you:


1. Hard Food – pizza, cookies, hard candies or crusty bread


Because they can cause the wires to bend and pop out from the braces. Bent wires will affect your treatment and you will end up having to wear braces for a longer period of time. In the worst case scenario, they may even break and you’ll need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Also, they get stuck in your braces and it is difficult to clean. Irritating isn’t it?


2. Sticky Food – gummy bears, toffee, soft candies and stringy meat

gummy bears
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Such candies are very chewy as well, so they get stuck onto your brace and break the bands easily. Dislodged brackets and bent wires are also consequences that follow after consuming these foods. With braces on, your teeth are also more prone to decay, so avoiding candies should always be your top priority anyway!


3. Thin food that can get tangled between wires – enoki mushroom, thin noodles

enoki mushroom


You wouldn’t want people to see strings of enoki mushrooms twining around your wires right? If you really want to eat them, be sure to clean them before you speak!


4. Food that you bite into using your front teeth – apple and corn on the cob


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IT HURTS. It really brings you intolerable pain to bite onto these food, especially after you just visited the dentist to tighten your braces. Moreover, there is a high chance that your brackets may fall out, affecting your treatment.


5. Food that stains – Coffee or Curry

coffee and curry


Every dental visit, the most difficult decision is choosing the colour of your rubber tie. We know it. But why take such a long time to choose if the colour is gonna change? Food like curry stains very easily, but if you do not mind them staining your rubber ties (and your teeth), we say go ahead!


Some tips for eating in braces

Sometimes, braces really ruins how we eat, sadly. But there are ways we can go around it to make eating easier and fuss-free!

  1. When you come across hard food, you may want to cut them up into smaller bite-size. That chicken wing in your packet of nasi lemak can also be torn into smaller pieces so that it’s easier to eat!


  1. If you really want to have an apple a day to keep the doctor away, cut them into slices, and use your back teeth to bite on them instead of the front.


  1. Weird toothbrushes always come in handy!!

interdental toothbrush

We have all tried using dental floss to clean our teeth after food, but it is a complete waste of time as there is absolutely no way to reach places that needs to be cleaned. These interdental toothbrush helps you to remove food lodged in your braces effectively all the time. Dental floss – 0, Interdental toothbrush – 1!!


Happy eating, smile pretty! 😀

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