Bingsu vs llao llao, which is more fattening?

Long queues for insta-worthy desserts and the kiasu spirit. That’s what we Singaporeans are probably known for. We don’t usually have these by ourselves, so that’s sharing the calories right?

But, how many people should we share it with to make it… less fattening?

Which is more fattening?

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By ‘fattening’, let’s refer to the calories here. When you share desserts, you might be eating more calories than a lower calorie dessert. Why? For example, if a sanum from llao llao is lower in calories than say, waffles with ice-cream, you might only share it between two people instead of four.

So, a cup of sanum…


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Is about 250 calories. But of course, this depends on what you choose to top your yogurt with. Choosing all fruits without the crunch and sauce would probably keep it within 200 calories. But that’s not legit llao llao. Having chocolate sauce and caramelised biscuits will place its calories around 300 for one of these.

Share between: 2 – 3 people

What about bingsu?


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Atas ice-kacang, that’s what I like to call it. The calories of every bingsu is different. A chocolate one could be 200 more calories than a chocolate free bingsu. On average, a bowl of bingsu ranges from 700 – 1000 calories, or even more if there’s more sinful ingredients like condensed milk, chocolate syrup and those with a cake on top.

Share between: 4 people

The verdict

Having a sanum llao llao to yourself is more fattening than sharing a bowl of Bingsu! So pick your calories 🙂


Or when you’re feeling guilty about too much desserts… make your own guilt free froyo here!

ice cream recipe



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