5 sneaky tips to eat healthier during CNY visits

Nope this is not about how to be 100% healthy during Chinese New Year. Having to do that is just… torture. We’re not going to tell you the goodies are high in calories and fat because you already know that and it’s going to go into our tummy anyways. But y’know, it’s always good to adopt a little healthy habits on top of stuffing ourselves with food.


#1: Eat fruits before eating snacks 


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YES YOU CAN HAVE PINEAPPLE TARTS (unless the doc told you otherwise). But before you reach for those goodies, peel some oranges and eat it first because fibre and vitamins are good for you. You’ll feel more full after having those oranges so you’ll want to eat less snacks.

#2 Take your cousins or their dogs for a walk


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Before you head out for your visitations, spend just 30 minutes to an hour going for a run or a swim, but if that’s too big of a chore, take a walk after you’re bored waiting around at every house.


#3 Drink lots of water or tea


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Drink water before you eat, during your meals and snacks, and after you eat. It’ll keep you a little filled up, plus you’ll probably be binging on lots of goodies, so it’s good to stay hydrated.


#4 Eat with chopsticks


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When having the iconic reunion steamboat dinner, eating with chopsticks vs. fork and spoon, helps to slow the speed of your eating (unless you’re a real eating machine) as you’ll tend to pick less food at each go. It gives your body time for food to digest!


#5 Have veggies


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Don’t just have sausages only! Pick some of your favourite veggies and mushrooms with your meal so that you’ll get a balanced diet of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Falling ill from too many goodies isn’t exactly ideal so make sure you balance it out!


I just can’t wait for the festivities to begin!!! 😉


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