5 super healthy foods that taste kinda terrible

Let’s be real. Deep deep down would you rather choose waffles and ice-cream, or celery sticks?

To many of us, healthy isn’t exactly 100% exciting (unless it’s a beautiful poke bowl or a rainbow looking parfait). The thing is, our bodies are not programmed to crave healthy foods. We crave the high sugar and fat items because it activates the pleasure centres of our brains, similar to how drugs work.

Of course, there are delicious healthy food around, but we’re not here to celebrate that. Here are some foods that tastes too horribly healthy… and just ‘cannot make it’.



Kale is not your typical vegetable. It’s one of the most nutrient rich vegetables you could have and also costs about $8 a pack at the supermarket! Yikes! That’s about thrice the amount broccoli would cost in Singapore. Although it is very rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A, K and C and contains only 36 calories per cup, it tastes pretty nasty on its own. Well, to me at least. However, thanks to the many creative humans on the planet, kale is made pretty delish with these recipes. But just so you know, kale isn’t the main ingredient 😛

Carrot sticks

carrot sticks

Picture credits: http://momfilter.com/food/lemon-carrots

Why anyone would recommend raw carrot sticks and dips under ‘delicious healthy snacks’ is beyond me. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, but raw carrots are sooo not the way I would like my carrots eaten. There are so many other great ways to have it, like in sunshine chips, in beef stew, or baked to perfection.



Ugh. Beetroot soup, beetroots in salad, none of them works for me. Perhaps beetroot juice is kind of tolerable. But boy, this food sure packs a mean healthy punch. A study done found that drinking beetroot juice helped to significantly lower blood pressure. Other studies have also linked it to a better sports performance, and a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. Granted, eating it raw might be bad, but these mouthwatering recipes will make you a beet-er fan!



If straws are edible, it would probably taste like celery. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to appreciate celery as much as the rabbits do. It’s very low in calories, contains vitamin K, A, C, among many others. However, if you’re making clam chowder or seafood soup, you NEED it because it really brings out the flavours of the soup. YUM!

Plain greek yogurt


Greek yogurt is a tricky one because there are some really hardcore fans all over the world. Personally, I find the taste of plain greek yogurt without honey, fruits, or granola bad. It’s sour and unpalatable on its own, but with nuts, matcha granola and a sprinkle of honey, mmm that’s one of my go-to breakfast! Greek yogurt are also better choices as it’s higher in protein and lower in sugar (which explains the sour taste).


Ultimately, it’s not about a specific food but your diet. If you hate beetroot but eat it to be ‘healthy’, eventually you’re going to hate eating healthy and ditch the beetroot altogether. Having a well balanced diet of all kinds of food and all the lovely vitamins in the world is the best way to stay happy and healthy. Let’s not forget the occasional cake and ice-cream 😉


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