The only 10 things that should be on your office desk

An online global survey by international business company, Regusone found that one out of five Singapore workers worked more than 11 hours a day. 11 hours is a looooong time, let alone working at least five days a week. Since work takes up so much of our time, it is only right that we have all the essentials we will need with us at work!

What you put on your office desk is also very important. Having a organised and well-prepared office desk reflects your self-management skills and priorities. Besides that, it only makes our life at work easier and better. 🙂

Here are the 10 fundamental things everyone should have on their work desk:

  1. Only the Basics

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    The basics are your laptop, mouse, pen and paper – things you actually NEED for doing your work. Practice making decisions on what should or should not be on your office desk has an empowering effect and can improve productivity. The key here is to gain ownership of your workplace and keep your office desk clutter-free.

  2. Phone Charger

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    How many times did your phone die on you in the middle of a work day? (Yes, I’m sure you were just checking your emails very diligently on your phone.) Don’t be that annoying colleague who borrows a charger every other day! Keep a USB charger on your work desk all the time.

  3. Munchies


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    It’s important to keep your blood sugar levels up throughout the work day for maximum concentration and productivity. Plus if you ever have to skip lunch for work, you wouldn’t have to worry about going hungry. (Not to mention, you need snacks to curb your Monday blues.) However, prepare light snacks ONLY. You don’t want to overeat, or to let food take over your desk and leave crumbs all over!

  4. Sweater

    winter is coming

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    Let’s be real. If Singapore had winter, it’d be in the offices. You would need a trusty sweater or jacket in the office just for the cold days. Keep your body temperature at optimum level so you can work comfortably!

  5. Tissues

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    It’s easy to forget how much we need them, until we actually do. Accidental coffee spills? Snack crumbs? Caught a cold? You get the idea. Trust me, you WILL need them – keep a box within a hand’s reach.

  6. Plant

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    Time to get some potted plants for your office table! Studies have found that people are more productive when they have some sort of greenery in their surroundings. It’s a bonus that they can double up as the perfect decor for your table as well. If you’re worried you might, well… accidentally murder it, get one of those tiny potted cacti that are very difficult to kill.

  7. Headphones/ earpiece

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    Invest in a good headphone or earpiece to leave at your office desk. they are the best to block out external distractions (or for watching Youtube videos). Not to mention, we all have one of those days where we do not wish to engage in any conversations or human interactions. What better way to send a “Do Not Disturb” signal than to plug in a earpiece! The best part? You don’t even have to be listening to anything. 😉

  8. Mug / Bottle

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    You know the importance to stay hydrated. But did you know other than health implications, hydration also has a direct effect on work conduct? A study by Gopinthan studied the effects of dehydration on decision-making and work performance, and found a 23% drop in reaction time and productivity. So, stay hydrated — even if it means you have to run to toilet every hour.

  9. Umbrella

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    I can’t be the only one who hates carrying the weight of an umbrella around, and at the same time, too lazy to check the weather forecast everyday. Prepare for rainy days (literally), and leave an umbrella at your desk.

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    Oh yes, this last one is a little on the solemn note; but nothing sucks away your productivity like a throbbing headache (or cramps). Help yourself cope better with sudden discomfort – no one should be working this way.


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