Why do you work better when you snack?

Snacking seems to be associated with words like – “unhealthy”, “junk” and even “sinful”. Time for us to break this negative connotation to snacking. In fact, snacking can be beneficial when done right, even at a dreadful day at work.

Take a Break

It’s about taking a break. You can take 10-15 minutes off your work to snack at the pantry. It lightens up the mood a little. It’s essentially an excuse for you to stone for 5 minutes and walk back to your desk to restart. If you’re unable to leave your desk, the science of snacking just reduces your stress levels. This is because you aren’t just fully preoccupied with your stress-inducing demands from work. In fact, you’ll be in a better mood and it’ll probably increase your productivity levels.

Midday Energy

BOOST! It’s that little burst of energy that you get from your snack to spur you on and keep you hanging on just a little longer. We can be more productive when we’re actually awake. Snacking can give you that energy to keep you going, to focus and concentrate.

“Superfoods” and their benefits 

If we’re going to tell you that snacking helps you at work, we’re going to make sure you do it right. Don’t just snack on potato chips and sweets, snack on “superfoods”. What are “superfoods”? They’re not only nutritious foods but the main defining characteristic of these superfoods is that they lower certain health risks. Here are some of the “superfoods” that make good snacks:

  • Goji Berries
goji berry
goji berries used in Chinese tea

What exactly is within goji berries? Tons of nutrients – vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, iron, zinc & antioxidants. Translating all those nutrients into health benefits; essentially, goji berries can help prevent skin damage/disease, boost your immune system and increase the ability to focus. Pretty sure the last benefit is what you’re looking out for.

  • Acai Berries
acai berry
acai bowls

Similar to goji berries, they aid in boosting your immune system and promote skin health. Additionally, they aid in weight loss with its increased insulin sensitivity function. Furthermore, they have anti-aging properties as they have almost 10 times more antioxidants than blueberries.  

  • Dried fruits and nuts
almonds in a jar

Being high in protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, these are definitely going to give you the burst of energy you need. Almonds, raisins, dried apricot  – generally speaking, they’re high in calcium, vitamin E, and protein. They aid in guarding your heart by lowering your cholesterol levels. Nuts, in particular, have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the body.

  • Dark chocolate
dark chocolate
dark chocolate can be so delightful

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate isn’t all too sinful after all. The right amount of chocolate is actually beneficial. Apart from the usual benefits of enhancing concentration and prevent chronic fatigue, they actually contain antioxidants, increase cognitive function, aid in blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of cancer with the ingredient, flavonoid. To top it off, chocolate increases serotonin levels which is the same chemical found in antidepressants. Here’s the answer to why you feel happier eating chocolate.

On top of every reason for why you work better while snacking, snacking helps prevent overeating. By having small frequent meals, you can fulfill the additional nutrients needed that may not be found in your usual meals. It also increases your metabolism rate which is a bonus benefit if you’re hoping to lose weight.

Now you know why you work better when you snack. To help you in this snack journey during work, we suggest that you plan ahead! Plan your snacks –  switch it up every now and then with different snacks to fulfill your various nutrient needs. Maybe you could set a regular time for snacks as well, prevent yourself from over-snacking. Do keep in mind the greatest advice of all: all good things in moderation.

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