How to throw a healthy (and delicious) office party

I guess you got arrowed to host an office party? Don’t worry, your panic is over. Here’s a couple of ideas to help you throw an impressive and healthy office party!

1. Build your own salad

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Instead of doing the typical and order 10 pizzas, try providing a great variety of healthier choices – sandwiches, salad greens, bean soups, or a taco buffet where employees can have fun assembling their own dishes. Furthermore, unlike junk food and heavy meats, veggies do not lead to sluggishness and unproductivity during later of the day. (This means everyone will feel great during AND after your party. -Wink)

If you’re looking for healthy catering services, Grain offers a really cool menu for office parties.

2. Serve in smaller controlled portions

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Not only controlled servings are a great way to maintain a healthy diet, a recent Arizona State University study also found that food consumed in smaller pieces may boost appetite satisfaction more than eating one large serving of food with the same number of calories. From peanuts, to dried fruits and granolas (find here) — your colleagues will thank you for the endless snack options!

3. Take it outdoors

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There’s an abundance of greenery in Singapore – Botanical Gardens, Chinese Gardens, Sentosa and random grass patches. Trust me, people will appreciate any opportunity to get out of the office for some fresh air and a mood boost – even if it simply means having a potluck picnic on a grassland. Take this chance to play some nostalgic team-building games and sports (Did someone say Captain’s Ball?).

Here are some cool recipes you could use!

4. No-booze juice dayjuice

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Sure, enjoying a drink or a two at an office party once in awhile is not exactly an all bad idea. However, it does undeniably lead to more troublesome behaviours, not forgetting that alcoholic drinks are high in empty calories! Host a unique party that is alcohol-free — replace them with smoothies, juices and tea. This time, people will actually remember all of the party.

Get some inspiration from these smoothie ideas.

5. Make it a Fitness Partygroup fitness class

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Fitness parties are on a rise, and we can understand why! Other than the obvious that it is healthy, it also acts as an amazing team bonding activity. Try out a team Yoga, Zumba or Dance session where everyone gets to sweat it out (and will also definitely have a good laugh)! The Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga offers team yoga and meditation classes so why not give it a go?

So there, 5 ways you can make your office party different and healthier. However, beware that your party will be so AWESOME you might have to host every office party in the future…

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