Best snacks to increase metabolism while you work

Whether you’re on a diet, maintaining your weight, or you just don’t care, increasing your metabolism will help you burn more calories in a day – without salads and the gym. Snack smartly and switch your snacks to these yummy alternatives for a metabolism boost!

Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs snack

Psst, have you heard? Rumour has it that cacao nibs are even better than dark chocolate! Cacao nibs are roasted cacao beans, so you’re getting the chocolate almost direct from the source. There’s less processing, which means its higher in antioxidants and iron. It’s perfect for a bad day as it triggers the release of happy hormones!

Trail Mix

trail mix nut snacks

Bored of the same one nut or one type of berry? Trail mixes are like the latest evolution of nuts! They’re fantastic as snacks as it gives you a variety of vitamins and minerals from different kinds of berries and nuts. There are plenty of trail mixes to choose from here!

Green Tea

green tea

The superpower of green tea comes from its Catechins as these compounds help to increase metabolisim and if taken in the long run, could help decrease the risk of heart disease and obesity.


grapefruit snack

Grapefruits deserve more recognition! A study in the US found that eating half of a fresh grapefruit before meals was associated with significant weight loss. It’s also low in calories and contains high amounts of antioxidants.


Chickpeas snack

The high protein and fiber content of chickpeas make it an awesome snack as a metabolism booster! Have a handful of it to keep you feeling satisfied and curb cravings.


almonds snack

Almonds rule! It has one of the highest protein content and the lowest calorie content among its fellow nut family. It’s best eaten raw as roasting or frying almonds decreases its nutrient content. If you’ve ever wondered which nuts were the best for you, we’ve got your questions answered here!



Coffee increases your metabolic rate and help mobilize fat, which keeps your fat burning.


Kimchi snack

Kimchi contains Lactobacillus, which is a beneficial bacteria known to reduce blood sugar levels and control appetite. The spicy kick you get are from red peppers, which contains a special compound known as Capsaicin. Capsaicin helps increase metabolism as well! These crunchy vegetables are probably the ultimate metabolism booster!

Frozen Grapes

grapes snack

Contrary to popular belief, freezing grapes doesn’t destroy the nutrients in it. Pop a bunch in the freezer for a refreshing snack to cool you down in the heat!

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