Last minute easy 3 ingredients cookie recipe

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Planning to whip together some really last minute cookies to give away? The secret to it all – nut butters. They’re a life saver. Here’s how you can put it all together.


Sugary peanut butter cookies


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Peanut butter + sugar + egg

Recipe here


Fudgy chocolate cookies 


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Bananas + peanut butter + cocoa powder

Recipe here


Oatmeal banana vegan cookies


Banana + oats + peanut butter + top with banana pecan crumble

Recipe here


Pumpkin oat cookie


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Pumpkin + oats + any nut butter

Recipe here


Butter cookies


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Flour + butter + sugar + sprinkle with anything you like, like a pack of nutty knight

Recipe here


Red velvet cookies


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Red velvet cake mix + eggs + vegetable oil

Recipe here


BONUS: 3 ingredient beer bread


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No they’re not cookies but its so easy and impressive to put together that it DESERVES to be here.

Self-rising flour + sugar + beer

Recipe here


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