Healthy or not, mee chiang kueh?

In this special weekly series by Boxgreen, we bring you our ratings (nutritionist approved) of a couple of local Singaporean yums.


Here is this week’s #BGSOTW (BoxGreen’s Snack of the Week)…


Mee Chiang Kueh! (Peanut Pancake)


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Eh? So-so only?

For breakfast, this should be substantial enough as it contains a little protein and carbs. As a snack, it might be a little on the heavy side, so have it if you’re really starting to feel hungry rather than a snack for when you’re bored.

Total calories of one piece: 186kcal


Other healthier alternatives:

You could up your fibre and protein intake with these options:

  1. A piece of wholegrain bread with peanut butter
  2. Low/no sugar tau huey (beancurd)
  3. Small handful of nuts and seeds


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