Healthy or not, char siew pau?

In this special weekly series by Boxgreen, we bring you our ratings (nutritionist approved) of a couple of local Singaporean yums.



Our Boxgreen’s Snack of the Week #BGSOTW (we’re starting a trend here) is…


Char Siew Bao!

char siew

Our rating: MEH!


Why meh leh?

Having one of this equals to a bowl of porridge! It’s not the most ideal of breakfast foods as it is high in fat and low in fibre, so it’s unlikely to keep you satisfied until lunchtime. It’s also really high in sodium (683mg), which equals to 4 small packs of Lay’s potato chips!

Total calories in 1 pau = 363 calories


Healthier alternative

Lean pork with wholegrain bread, vegetable pau, or these healthy snacks

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