7 sneaky food pranks for this April Fool’s

If watching people react to your sneaky pranks and scares¬†gives you fits of laughter, then this is absolutely the post for you! No one will ever suspect a thing. Shhhhh ūüėČ


Wasabi¬†“matcha” cookies


Picture credits: http://bbritnell.com/matcha-cookies/

Looks like an innocent matcha cookie? That’s the fun part ūüėČ Replace matcha powder with wasabi paste and watch your friend’s face cringe. You could modify this recipe.


Jello drink-or-not

jello drink

photo credit: cupcakeskissesncrumbs.blogspot.sg

Surely, this jello drink is going fool everyone. Look at how real and deceiving they are! Prank level: GENIUS.


Easter “chocolate” egg

easter egg

Picture credits: http://www.viralnova.com/silk-print-eggs/

Easter’s just round the corner and if you have some time to spare, wrap real eggs instead of a chocolate egg, put them all in a basket and offer it at work. For best results, wrap it as fancily as possible. Otherwise, decorated foil would work too ūüôā


Brussel sprouts dark chocolates

brussel Picture credits: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2301139/Chocolate-Brussels-sprouts-Easter-Tara-Hammett-Swansea-creates-nutritious-helathy-alternative-eggs.html

You know what’s fun? Dip brussel sprouts in dark chocolate and place it in an expensive box of chocolates (like Godiva). Cook up a story about it, like how your cousin brought these from Paris,¬†and made with only the finest cocoa quality… you get the drift. Muahaha!


Salty gummy bears

gummy bears

Picture credits: http://www.bedriddenhead.com/2012/04/how-sour-sugared-gummy-bears-ruined-my.html

These may look as if it’s sugar coated, but it’s not! There’s more than meets the eye ūüėČ It’s good for a quick and easy prank¬†if you don’t have time to bake.


Nasty Brownies


Picture credits: http://www.inspiredtaste.net/24412/cocoa-brownies-recipe/

The colour of brownies makes it perfect to add ANYTHING you want in it ūüėČ hehe. Add something odd, like garlic chilli, mustard or even fish sauce?!


Fresh blue milk

blue milk

Picture credits: http://inspired.disney.co.uk/cook/star-wars-blue-milk/

Nothing could be worse than opening a fresh pack of BLUE milk!! Add a few drops of blue colouring (we reckon red colouring would be fun heh) into a freshly opened milk carton. It’s perfect for pranking your siblings, or parents!

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